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Taking a shower can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for older people and those with disabilities. Falls account for as many as 70% of all unintentional injury death and many of these falls occur in the bathroom. People with limited mobility may have difficulty standing in the shower long enough to get the job done. Shower seats make it possible to shower without standing. This reduces the risk of falling and makes the experience more comfortable.

Types of Shower Seats

Shower seats come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some have backs and arm rests for added support and comfort. Most are made with light weight plastic making them easy to transfer in and out of the shower. There are also bath benches without backs that have a sturdy aluminum frame for stability and durability. Corrosion-resistant and made from recycled materials, these benches are designed to make showering a safe and more comfortable experience.

If you’re looking for a shower seat that offers maximum support, medical adjustable removable arm shower benches with backs offer back and arm support while showering. The removable arms are comfortably padded and the arm support makes it easier to stand from a sitting position. Like most shower seats, the height can be adjusted to meet different requirements.
Medical bath stools with padded rotating seats add a new dimension to showering. They offer a rotating seat that can be adjusted in height. The rotating seat offers greater flexibility in the shower – the power to twist in all directions to reach objects while showering. Some come with a removable tray for holding items while showering. One of the most frustrating aspects of shower seats is keeping them clean and free of germs and mold. The seat is treated with a natural anti-microbial formula that protects against germs, molds and odors. This makes it easier to care for.

For two-in-one safety and comfort, shower chair and commode combinations are available. They offer comfy arm rests and a padded seat along with a commode bucket that can be removed without changing the height of the chair.

Medical folding bath benches are ideal if you have limited storage space or like to travel. This firm but lightweight shower seat folds into a flat piece for quick and easy storage. The frame is made of durable aluminum that won’t corrode or change color. For convenience, you can easily store it away in a closet when company arrives. It’s the ideal solution when you stay in hotels and still want the comfort and stability of a bath bench when you shower.

Wall-mounted shower seats can be mounted to the wall of your shower. When not in use, they can be folded up to conserve shower space. This saves the trouble of transferring a shower seat in and out of the shower.

Consider all the options before choosing a shower seat. Then choose one that meets your needs or the needs of a loved one for greater safety in the shower.
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