Doctor’s Prescription


The Right of Refusal
A pharmacist has the right to refuse to fill any controlled-substance prescription. If legitimate concern exists, it is the pharmacist’s duty to refuse to fill a prescription and return the prescription to the patient. Even with physician approval the pharmacist still maintains the right to not fill the prescription. It is illegal for a physician to write a prescription for a Schedule II medication for a family member. It is unethical for a prescriber to write a Schedule III or IV prescription for a family member.

Processing a Prescription
Processing of prescriptions is a complex procedure. The process must be efficient but accurate, requires teamwork and communication from the pharmacist and the technician. Patients need to understand how to take their medication from the labeled information and/or additional counseling from the pharmacist. Technicians should ask if the patient prefers to wait for their prescription or if they’ll return at another time.

Pharmacy Laws and Protocol
The NMRA defines what practices are allowable in Sri Lanka. State regulations define dispensing policies. Technicians should be aware of federal laws regarding patient counseling and confidentiality on prescriptions. Special Processing of Certain Drugs:



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