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SCX Technology powder spray wound healing

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KAdermin Powder Spray, when applied, creates a protective layer that acts as a barrier, creating a protective environment against microbial contamination and promoting the restoration of normal physiological conditions required for spontaneous skin regeneration. The barrier function is provided by combining kaolin with hyaluronic acid, both having a specific effect: kaolin acts as an absorbent in the case of wet wounds, while hyaluronic acid acts as a film-forming polymer to form a thin film to promote tissue hydration. The SCX-powder complex is made of silicon dioxide enriched with silver ions and chlorhexidine and is part of a film formed of kaolin and hyaluronic acid. Due to its antimicrobial effects, the resulting film is resistant to microbial contamination.

Dosage and method of use

Apply once a day.
Wash and dry thoroughly before use. Shake the spray well before use. Apply a thin layer of powder only to the affected area, dispensing from a distance of 10 cm. Do not massage: the powder must form a continuous protective layer.