Rs. 14,800.00

  • Cloud like comfort.
  • Contours made to fit all masks.
  • Neck & spine support.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Reduce mask leaks.
  • Perfect for back & side sleepers.
  • Includes extra pillowcase.

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Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Sometimes it only ever manifests as a bad case of snoring. But at worst, sleep apnea is a life-threatening condition. It requires your attention, and anything you can do to properly treat your sleep apnea is well worth your time.

Of course, it’s difficult to treat sleep apnea by correcting your posture or straightening your airway while you’re unconscious. Therefore, it’s important to implement the use of aids and devices that will offer you a better night’s sleep. Perhaps the best place to start is with an ergonomic pillow.

While this pillow isn’t cheap, it possesses plenty of features and qualities that justify its larger price tag and position as our best overall pick. You can finally sleep peacefully knowing your CPAP therapy will be the most effective.