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  • Easy to use & accurate
  • 5 Seconds test time.
  • 0.5 blood requred
  • 900 test memory

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The VivaChek™ Ino system was designed to measure glucose in fresh capillary blood and was calibrated for plasma. The VivaChek™ Ino result is given by measuring the electric current generated by the glucose reaction with an enzyme placed on the test strip electrode. The blood sample is automatically sucked into the test strip by capillary action. The glucose contained in the sample reacts with the glucose enzyme contained in the test strip to generate electrons, i.e. to produce a sufficient amount of current for the glucose concentration. The result is displayed on the meter.

The VivaChek ™ Ino system is intended for in-vitro control of people with diabetes. It can be used both for self-monitoring of the patient at home and for professional use in healthcare centers. The system should not be used to diagnose diabetes.

  • Technology – electrochemical biological sensor
  • Measuring range – 10-600 mg / dL
  • Enzyme – glucose oxidase
  • Measurement time about 5 seconds
  • The volume of the sample is 0.5 μl
  • No coding
  • Hematocrit range – 20-70%
  • Calibration result – plasma equivalent
  • Automatic suction of a blood sample
  • Sample type – fresh capillary blood
  • Memory of 900 results with date and time
  • Illuminated display
  • Average results from 7, 14 and 30 days
  • Up to 5 reminder alarms can be set
  • Meals designation – before and after meals