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Surgipack Keep Dry Full Leg Protector is a Patented OSFA design. Protects casts and bandages against water exposure. Ideal for showering Lightweight Latex free. Ideal for anyone sensitive to latex products.

  • Using the enclosed paper tape measure, measure the circumference of the arm/leg requiring protection. Ensure the measurement is taken from a point approximately 5-6cm beyond the area to be protected
  • Once the circumference measurement has been determined, identify the appropriate size by referring to the measurement on the pack.
  • Lay one of the Keep Dry Protectors on a flat surface. Using scissors, cut the protector to the appropriate size to create an opening for the limb. (N.B. Cut across the longest point between the waves). DO NOT CUT PROTECTOR AT STRAIGHT CLOSED END.
  • Once the KeepDry Protector has been cut to size, roll back the cut end by reaching inside the tube to pull some of the wider fabric through the new opening, sufficiently to slip over the hand or foot. Now pull the Protector up the limb to be covered until the cast or dressing is fully enclosed. Ensure the cut end forms an even and comfortable seal to prevent moisture from entering the Protector.