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SmartHeart convenient pouch is the new alternative for feeding your puppy. Made with real meat, meat by-products and natural materials which provides complete nutrition to keep your dog healthy and strong.

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  • Smartheart Pouch Puppy Dog Food Chicken Chunk in Gravy 80 gm is a wholesome wet puppy food that facilitates a healthy growth in your pups. It consists of real chicken meat as a source of protein that builds strong muscles in them. This food also gives your pups important Omega fatty acids that invigorate their skin and hair health. Minerals like Calcium and Phosphorus fosters strong bones and joints in the dogs that keep them active. Liver chunk, present as the main ingredient tremendously boosts the palatability of this food. Smartheart Pouch Puppy Dog Food Chicken Chunk has a moisture content of 85% that keeps your dogs well hydrated. This food also consists of organic fibres that curb overeating as well as improving the digestive function of the dogs.



    • Top-notch wet puppy food consisting of delectable chicken chunks
    • Good source of protein for building strength and energy
    • Vital Omega fatty acids improve cognitive skills
    • 85% moisture content for keeping your pup well hydrated
    • Calcium and Phosphorus consolidates bones and joints