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Reflex High Quality Puppy Food with Beef is a premium, complete and balanced dog food containing beef proteins, specially formulated by cat/dog nutritionists to meet all the nutrients needed for the development of puppies.

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  • This product contains balanced Omega 3 & 6 provided by using natural miracle flaxseed.
    Contains Yucca plant which provides odor and ammonia control, increases the absorption of nutrients; strengthens the immune system and improves the growth and performance of animals.
    Intestinal health and performance are supported with pathogen-binding mannan-oligo-saccharides (MOS) which is a nutritional supplement that has a beneficial pre-biotic effect. It encourages the growth of ‘friendly bacteria’ in the large intestine which promotes over-all gastro-intestinal (GI) health.
  • Contains immune-supporting beta-glucans and CitriStim, a rich source of immune-friendly yeast.
    Beer yeast is used for healthy skin and shiny hair.
    The immune system is strengthened by using whey powder and supports muscles, organs and nerve cells.
    It is enriched with vitamins and minerals.