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  • This product designed for washing the scalp and hair is indicated for men and women prone to hair loss, balding, and greying.
  • Its recommended for weakened hair that is prone to premature aging which manifests itself through visible thinning and the onset of grey hair.
  • Used regularly for prolonged periods of time, the shampoo delays hair greying and gradually restores the natural, physiological hair color.
  • It’s suitable for daily use.
  • The shampoo has no hair dyeing effect.
  • It offers an effective solution to the problems of hair greying and hair loss related to the natural genetic age of the hair as well as environment and civilization-related factors stress, poor eating habits, environmental pollution that cause premature hair aging.
  • Its effectively cleanses the scalp and improves hair condition.
  • It comes with a potent effect of concentrated naringenin that works in two ways: it slows down hair aging and restores the natural hair pigmentation.
  • Naringenin activates mitochondria that is critical for life processes in cells, extending their life span and silencing the genes responsible for the suppression of pigment synthesis.
  • It slows down hair graying and reduces the number of gray hair.
  • It has a nut extract that is a rich source of phytopigments, it gradually darkens gray hair and restores its natural colour.
  • The highly effective caffeine and Natural Growth Factor FGF complex that is the subject of a patent application significantly strengthens hair follicles and extends their life span the growth phase making hair less prone to falling out and thinning.
  • D-panthenol and cationic polymers with irritation soothing and regenerating properties restore the natural pH level of the scalp and help to maintain optimum hydration.