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Measure the circumference around middle of the chest 

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A relatively uncommon and rather difficult-to-treat type of fracture is that of the clavicle or the collar bone. Located right under the neck and in between the shoulders, the clavicle, if injured, is tough to heal by means of external help. Clavicle Brace with Velcro is an extremely well-designed health accessory that helps ease the pressure on the clavicle and accelerates its recovery, without putting undue pressure on the shoulders or other parts of the body, without causing underarm rashes and without losing its grip on the clavicle over time. Smartly designed and attractive to look at, Clavicle Brace with Velcro is designed to provide a linear union in case of injuries involving the clavicle bone. The braces are designed particularly for situations where no surgery is needed, and nor are there any major cardio-vascular complications involved.