Rs. 1,000.00Rs. 1,320.00

  • Provides Efficient support to injured ankle
  • Design for all day comfort


  • Ankle Support is an effective device to support, compress and partially immobilize the ankle following ankle sprain to control pain, oedema or inflammation.
  • Composed of two components, elasticized wrap. and compression sleeve, which is knitted on a 3 dimensional computer controlled circular looms. Anatomically shaped and reduced compression on patella
  • No Chondromalacia on prolonged use, easy knee movement and improved comfort.
  • Elasticized wrap in figure of eight
  • Improves ankle stability, prevents inversion or aversion injuries, allows controlled compression and pain relief. Bi-layered, cotton on the inside
  • Enhanced comfort, better sweat absorption, no allergies or rash and better patient compliance. Bi-layered, nylon on the outside
  • Ensures long life, excellent aesthetics, color fastness, retains body heat effectively, speeds up healing and allays pain. Four-way stretchable fabric

Effective compression enhanced comfort, no vaso constriction and adjusts compression even on uneven diameters


Small 6-8″
Medium 8-10″
Large 10-12″
Extra large  12-14″

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