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Kinesiology Tape is an elastic sports tape designed to relieve pain while supporting muscles, tendons and ligaments. It helps in reducing pressure on the tissue, which may reduce discomfort.

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The tape can be used
for the following:
• inhibition of hypertonic muscies
• correction of the fascia
• protecting muscles against excessive stress
• protecting joints
• improving the propriosensory system
• suppressing pain
• reducing inflammation
• reducing lymphatic oedema
• reducing haematoma
• influencing the range of motion
• stimulating hypotonic muscies

It is a special kind of textile,
woven to replicate the human skin,
and has the following properties:
• Stretch capability of up to 170%,
similar to human skin.
• Similar weight and thickness to human skin.
• Ability to stretch in 2 directions,
• diagonally relative to the longitudinal axis.
• Easy to cut.
• Latex-free.
• Pemeabie to air and moisture.
• 100% acrylic adhesive coating hypoallergenic.
• Moisture-resistant.