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  • Pure licorice extract:brightening action
  • Extract of Chlorella vulgaris: antidark circles
  • Tetra peptide: anti-puffiness action
  • Bisabololol: soothing action
  • Innovative, effective and accessible dermocosmetic products that improve the quality of life

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  • Neotone eyes is a product specifically adapted to the sensitivity of the eye area.
  • Its ball allows optimal dosage of its gel cream, fresh and decongesting formula.
  • Specifically formulated to act on vascular dark circles (which have a blue/purple appearance) and pigment dark circles (Brown/Black look)
  • Neotone eyes also work on unsightly pockets thanks to its decongesting action.
  • Product advantage: a moisturising active ingredient to restore radiance to the eye.
  • 4-in-1 composition: lightening, concealer, anti-puff and soothing Anti-wrinkle and moisturising effect.
  • Fresh and decongesting effect thanks to the roll-on application.