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GLOW COLLAGEN is made from VeriSol collagen which contains bio active peptides, specifically formulated to improve skin quality, texture and endurance.

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  • For nourished, firmer & glowing skin
  • Glow Collagen is special because of its special VeriSol Collagen peptide that uplifts collagen production by your skin making it firm and younger looking; reducing the aging signs and age spots.
  • Soft, wrinkle-free, healthy skin makes you Glow.

Collagen hydrolyzate (VeriSol): 2,500 mg
Helps tighten and smooth skin
Smooth skin helps to delay the aging of the skin and make the skin brighter and younger.

Dissolve one sachet in a glass of water or beverage of your choice, mix it well, and drink it once daily. Do not use very hot liquids to mix GLOW COLLAGEN as it may degrade the collagen proteins and reduce the effectiveness of the product.