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Treatment of skin pigmentations.

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Depigmenting gel is effective in treating skin pigmentations product.

Useful in the treatment of acne.

Highly effective results in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Arbutin, the principal active ingredient of Fluidbase Lightening Gel, is found in cyclodextrins, which allows for not only a moisturising action but also controlled release and hence an increase in the activity of arbutin.

Completing the formula is a Vitamin A, C and E complex and a moisturising agent that activates the production of collagen.

Contains 3 lightening mechanisms that easily penetrate thanks to the effect of Peelmoist, an innovative plant extract-based ingredient with exfoliant properties.

Cyclodextrinated arbutin, Chromabright, glucosylated Vitamin C and 3 sun filters guaranteeing sun protection.