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“Enfamil a+ stage 2: follow-up formula: 400gm (6 to 12 months) Enfamil a+ stage 2 follow up formula is intended for babies from 6 months up to 12 months For detailed information about the product please refer to the pack label Important notice: mother’s milk is best for your baby

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Enfamil A+ stage 2 is a nutritionally balanced follow-up formula for babies 6-12 months. Enfamil A+ stage 2 contains DHA & ARA at levels clinically demonstrated to support Brain and immune system development and function

Adjusting nutrients level suitable for requirement of babies 6-12 months

  • Unique level of 17 mg DHA & 34 mg ARA per 100 Kcal for Brain development
  • Choline involved in memory and learning
  • High Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorous and magnesium for strong bones and teeth
  • Including Prebiotics and antioxidants such as Vitamin C, E and selenium to support a child’s immune development