Rs. 1,250.00

Diaper rash cream
with zinc oxide

Helps to heal diaper rash Forms a protective barrier
Soothes red,
Irritated skin Enriched With Cocos Nucifera Extract


Depirash cream comes with a special formula for its triple action which gives your child, the greatest comfort throughout the day
Nappy rashes occur mainly due to the irritation of the skin by the chemical breakdown of urine through urine splitting germs.
Imitated kin then cradualy hecompe thirk and winks then peeling at the adges
If the skin remains untreated; other complicating infections may occur.
Depirash cream also contains zine oxide which is a skin protectant, antibactrial agent and a deoderizing agent.
Depirash treats and prevents the infection while soothing the baby’s mild skin, which gives best comfort at every diaper change.

Treatment and prevention of Nappy rash
Soothing relief for minor burns and wounds
Pressure sores
• Eczema

Active ingredients:

Benzalkonium Chloride
BP 0.01% WW
Cetrimide BP
Zink Oxide BP
0.2% W/W
10% WW

Apply Depirash cream evenly at every nappy change giving special attention to the folds of the skin.
•I Ensure that the affected area is dry and free from all traces of soap.
Store below 25°C
Keep reach out of children.