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This specially designed Coccyx Cushion Tailbone Cushion takes the pressure off your coccyx (tailbone) and realigns your spine for a more natural posture. The coccyx cushion relieves that pressure and prevents back pain by suspending your tailbone over the specially designed cut-out section. The coccyx cushion has a wedge shape that tips your pelvis forward for the proper sitting position.

Benefits of the Ortho Wedge Coccyx Cushion:

  • Use as a car seat cushion to provide the support you need to relieve lower back pain
  • The specially designed wedge shape and cut out area supports your tailbone pressure or pain on the tailbone (Coccydynia) and/or hemorrhoidal discomfort aggravated by sitting.
  • Use this ortho wedge coccyx cushion anywhere you’ll be sitting for long periods like office, while travelling by car, plane or train.