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FTW01 is a Non-Contact Digital Infrared Clinical Forehead Thermometer for body and surface temperature measurement.

Uses high precision infrared sensor. Strong adaptability to ambient temperature, automatically records and saves measurement results.

Can choose between ℃ and ℉, has automatic shutdown to save battery. High precision sensor, intelligent chip design that gives a more accurate measurement.

Non-contact infrared sensor to easier read human temperature. Green means normal body temperature, yellow means a low-temperature fever, red means high-temperature fever.

Press button to switch between checking body temperature, to checking food temperature, to checking water temperature. When the temperature is higher than 38 ℃, the screen flickers and beeps, reminding the person to seek medical treatment in time.

Switchable silent mode. LED high-definition screen, easy to read in dark environments, and mild and non-irritating to the eyes.