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  • Auto power on-off
  • Long battery life
  • Weight range 5 kg-150 kg
  • Weight of unit: KG,LB,ST selectable
  • Minimum display unit 0.1 Kg
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • Main unit dimension 270 (W) x 22 (H) x 280 (L) mm
  • Battery 1 x 3V battery included
  • Battery duration: Approx. 1000 times

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  • Slim body size, hard glass plateInstant weight measurement : Thanks to the step-on-technology all you have to do is simply step onto the scale to turn it on and immediately start your weight measurement. After the result is shown the scale turns off automatically.
  • Ultra slim design with high strength glass : A simple and stylish design engineered with high-hardness glass forms a generous platform that ensures safety and ensures that weight is evenly distributed. The durable and sleek design is suitable for home bathrooms or gym use with a thickness of 5 mm.
  • Keep track of your progress : No matter what your goals are, if you want to improve your health, get in shape or simply track your fitness goals, we understand the importance of tracking your progress.
  • Selectable weight unit & Long battery life The unit change switch located on the backside allows you to select your preferred unit of weight measurement. Receive accurate weight measurements in either kilograms, pounds, or stones. Long battery life. The HMS324 operates with a CR2032 battery (included), giving the body scale excellent battery life and performance. This allows the user to operate the body scale 1000 times over 335 days.
  • Accurate weight measuring sensors The Citizen digital body scales are equipped with high-precision weight measurement sensors that provide exact results within 0.1kg of accuracy. As a member of the Citizen Group, we stay true to our company’s nature in providing proven, compact precision technology