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Biotopix Specific Bi-active is a cream for the treatment of puffy eyes and dark circles while leaving the eye area looking younger, firmer and tighter.

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  1. The eye contour is a particularly sensitive zone, where tiredness, age, allergies and lifestyle easily leave their marks. This will result in wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags.

Biotopix Specific Bi-active eye cream is a treatment minimizing the appearance of under-eye darkness and puffs, while leaving the eye area looking younger, firmer and tighter. This is achieved with a combination of three active ingredients:
– Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) – a potent ingredient that offers multiple benefits for aging skin like improving skin’s elasticity, preventing loss of water fron skin and reviving the healthy tone of the skin.
– Tetrapeptide with decongestive properties
– Oak extract, the first, natural, clinically proven alternative to retinol helping to fight with signs of aging and supplying valuable antioxidants to the skin

Due to the synergistic action of these 3 components, Biotopix Specific Bi-active eye cream will attack the causes leading to the appearance of dark shadows and bags under the eyes.