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  1. Biotopix Specific Replumping Lip Balm,provides a filling effect of the upper lip. lncreases hydration and improves the appearance and texturing of the skin.
  2. Biotopix Specific Balsamo Volumen de Labios, preporciona un de relleno del labio superior. Aumenta su hidrataction y mejoral ea aspecto, texturizando la piel.
  3. Biotopix Specific Baume Repulpant Levres, permet un effet de remplissage  de la levre superieure. Augmente l’hydratatiomet l”apparenc et la texture de la peau.

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As women age, one of the first changes noted is in the appearance of the upper lip. As early as age 25, an overall narrowing of the upper lip is evident. Generally around 35 years of age, the lips will begin to flatten and thin out, the corners droop, and the lines around lips begin to form. The lips are often the most neglected part of most anti-aging regimens with the most effective treatment being painful lip fillers.

This is something that Biotopix Specific Lip plumper is now changing. It is a comprehensive lip plumping, firming and anti-aging lip cream, containing an ultra-high concentration of collagen III accelerating vectors and a patented vegetal extract for an intense plumping and lifting effect and perfectly contoured lips.

Doctors prescription based product.