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Biotopix Specific Neck Anti-aging Cream, contains a complex that redefines the neck outline,making it thinner and firm.immediate tightening effect.

Biotopix Specific Crema Anti-Flacidez Cuello, Contiene un complejo que redefine el contorno del cuello,tornandolo mas fino y firme. Efecto tensor inmediato.

Biotopix Specific Creme Anti-age Cou, contient un complexe qui le contour du cou, le rendant  puls mince et ferme. Effet tenseur immediat.


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The skin on our body ages just as much like the face, with spots, sagging and wrinkling emerging after years of sun exposure. Loose, sagging skin can crop up around the belly, arms, thighs, neck. These are the areas where the skin looks most sagging and where anti-aging treatments are difficult to be carried out.

Biotopix Specific Specific Anti Aging Neck Cream is a highly effective firming cream for the neck and decollete area that creates an ultra-tightening layer on the skin’s surface for a “micro-lifting” effect to support the skin from sagging. It uses 4 carefully selected ingredients to form a stretching film on the surface of the skin to provide an immediate and durable tightening effect.

Doctors prescription based product.