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3M Tegaderm +Pad Film Dressing with Non-Adherent Pad is an all-in-one dressing that provides a sterile, waterproof, viral and bacterial barrier. These dressings consist of a non-adherent absorbent pad bonded to a thin film transparent dressing

  • Available in a wide range of sizes for most common applications.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No Latex
  • Transparent
  • Therapeutic Area and Conditions – Abrasions, Burns, Incisions, Laceration, Surgical Wounds
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Product Description:

Advanced protection for wounds and surgical incisions.

These sterile, waterproof film dressings provide a bacterial and viral barrier.

The unique absorbent pad won’t stick to the wound. (In vitro testing shows that the transparent film provides a viral barrier from virus 27 nm in diameter or larger while the dressing remains intact without leakage)

  • Provide a barrier to bacteria and viruses– Sterile film dressing provides an effective bacterial and viral barrier.
  • Practical for patients – Waterproof film lets patients shower without removing the dressing *if the dressing is fulling intact and not lifting.*
  • Enhances patient comfort – Unique, non-adherent pad won`t stick to the wound, allowing normal wound healing with less pain and trauma.
  • Helps support healing – Breathable film allows skin to function normally with good exchange of moisture vapor and oxygen.
  • Easy to apply – Conforms to body contours and flexes with movement or swelling. Can be worn up to 4 days.
  • Convenient for clinicians– Available in a wide range of sizes for most common applications.


Indications and Intended Use:

  • Post-surgical dressings – especially on areas where swelling or movement is expected
  • Acute wounds, such as cuts and abrasions.