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Looking to replace the head on your Oral-B electric toothbrush? Like-for-like may not be the way to go. For one thing, Oral-B has its own wide range of toothbrush heads, some designed to give you a good all-round clean, others designed to cover more specific needs. If you’re looking to get a deep clean in between your teeth or remove any signs of staining, then you could be better off switching to a different head.

What’s more, Oral-B isn’t the only brand making toothbrush heads. A small industry has grown up producing compatible toothbrush heads, and even some supermarkets and high-street chemists have got in on the act. These heads tend to be cheaper than the official heads, while providing a usable alternative.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve looked at, purchased and tested the best heads, both from Oral-B and other brands.

How to choose the best toothbrush head for you?

Toothbrush heads tend to split into two broad groups. On the one hand, Oral-B manufactures several lines of general-purpose heads, designed to deliver a good, all-round clean that will cover most people’s needs. These are the heads most of the alternative manufacturers clone when they’re making their own toothbrush heads. Pick one of these heads if you’re looking to replace your existing head, or if you’re looking for a cheaper option.