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Nestlé BOOST ORIGINAL contents of 16 vitamins & minerals

Low Glycemic Index (GI=36) for sustained energy 

The Protein packed in Nestlé BOOST helps you maintain muscle mass.

Protein content: 25g/100g of product

Calcium and Vitamin D contained in this nutritious supplement support strong bones

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  • BOOST ORIGINAL BALANCED NUTRITIONAL DRINK: Enjoy the complete and balanced nutrition of Boost Original Drink as part of your daily diet.
  • Made with no artificial colors or sweeteners & gluten free. Now with 25% less sugars.
  • MUSCLE & BONE: Boost Original Drinks provide 10g of high-quality protein to help maintain muscle plus Calcium, Vitamin D & Magnesium to support strong bones.
  • NUTRITIONAL ENERGY: Boost Original Balanced Nutritional Drink is designed to provide nutritional energy with 240 nutrient-rich calories and 8 B-vitamins to help convert food to energy & 3g of prebiotics to help nourish the good bacteria that exist naturally in the gut.
  • VITAMINS & MINERALS: 16 vitamins and minerals for nutrition you need each day with key nutrients such as Vitamins C & D, Zinc, Iron and Selenium for immune support.