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  • The Medtech Handyvap is a best steam inhaler for cold & cough, convenient, effective and portable solution that facilitates steam inhalation at home.

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  • Vaporizer is useful for Wellness For Inhalation Relief From Common cold cough and Stuffy, Nose, Headache, Sinusitis Bronchitis Relief from Strained Muscles strained Joints, Stiff joints, Aroma Therapy and Ayurvedic Treatments
  • Conventional Steam Therapy used for upper respiratory area, It soothes strained muscles and stiff joints , It cleans facial skin and helps skin glow
  • It functions as a reliever, a soother, a cleanser and a refresher. It provides relief from blocked nose, soothes strained muscles, helps the skin to glow and refreshes you.
  • 100% Plastic body to prevent shocks. Double wall body to avoid any injury due to hot water while handling the machine Special locking to avoid accidental opening to safeguard from hot water and burn.