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  • The BUBBLE MATTRESS consists of two parts: the mattress and the pump.
  • The pump utilizes a small compressor to remain quiet and energy efficient.
  • The control panel is simple and very user friendly.
  • The mattress relieves pressure by sequentially deflating and inflating alternate air cells on approximately 6 minutes timed intervals.
    It is widely recognized that constant pressure to a bony prominence
    is the leading cause of skin breakdown.
  • The continuous movement supplied by the unit lessens the areas of constant pressure and
    enhances circulation.


1. Place the mattress on the bed frame with the hose end at the foot
section of the bed frame.
2. Using the integrated hooks, securely hang the pump on the bed
end at the foot end or place on a smooth flat surface.
3. Connect the air hoses from the mattress to the pump.
4. Plug the pump into a wall outlet. Be sure the power cord is safely
away from possible hazards.
5. Turn on the power switch on the control panel of the pump. The
pump will begin to inflate the mattress.
3. After inflation, adjust the mattress using the dial on the pump

Do not smoke on or near the pump.
Keep the pump away from heated surfaces.
Explosion risk if used in the presence of flammable anesthetics