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  • PERFECT FOR ACTIVE LIFE: If you’re on your feet for hours at a time, whether you’re working, hiking, or running errands, even the most comfortable shoes can rub painful abrasions and blisters on your toes. Our toe separators PREVENT the PAIN before it needs relief! Wear your favorite shoes for daily activities, and don’t worry about developing the inevitable toe blisters. Some customers even have found that these toe tubes can be used to cushion toe knuckles that are displaced by bunions.
  • TRIM OR ROLL TO FIT: The toe tubes arrive in two long pieces, which can be trimmed to fit for less cushioning or rolled to fit for a thicker cushion. For the most pain relief, roll the toe sleeve for double cushioning. For the easiest fit under shoes and socks, trim the toe protector to fit. Our special FABRIGRIP material is designed to grip your toes for long-lasting wear.
  • PROTECT SKIN FROM BLISTERS AND CORNS: Blisters and corns can be a vicious cycle, especially if you wear the same shoes day-after-day for work or exercise. Prevent corn and blister issues from even starting by wearing our toe guard set from the get-go! Corns develop from friction over time. Unlike corn pads for toes, which just relieve the pain, our toe spacers can actually prevent corns from developing in the first place.
  • SLIM CUSHION: Unlike a bulky orthopedic bunion corrector, our SLIM & COMFORTABLE toe covers fit in most shoes. Wear these toe protectors for any occasion, from your daily run to your weekly date night!