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Naturopathica Gastrohealth supports digestive and immune system health, and general health and wellbeing. Useful in relieving digestive discomfort

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Naturopathica GastroHealth Probiotic Daily Care can help support:

– Digestive system health
– Healthy bowel function
– Beneficial intestinal flora
And help to reduce:
– Abdominal bloating
– Excess intestinal gas
– Occurrence of symptoms of traveller’s diarrhoea

The key to a healthy digestive microbiome is the balance of good and bad bacteria. Everyday lifestyle such as fatty foods, alcohol and antibiotic use can upset your balance of good and bad bacteria. Naturopathica GastroHealth’s unique formulation contains 4 probiotic species designed to nourish the good intestinal flora and assist in your overall wellbeing.

GastroHealth does not require refrigeration and proprietary technology ensures the probiotics in GastroHealth are potent and delivered live, even at room temperatures.