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Unique treatment which effectively dries out warts on hands,feet,elbow and knees for both children and adults.Easy to use pen applicator for the self removal of warts.


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EndWarts PEN is a modern and effective method of wart removal, which takes only seconds to apply.

The solution can be used by the whole family for the removal of warts from hands, feet, elbows and knees.

Warts PEN contains an effective formic acid solution. Thanks to the practical pen, application is quick and easy. Formic acid penetrates the wart and helps the body dry and expel the wart.
The pen is sufficient for approximately 30 treatments.

When used correctly, EndWarts PEN does not cause inflammation, pain or scarring. Since the pen can also be used on thin skin, the pen is also suitable for small children.

When treating areas with thin skin (e.g. back of hand or in children) the dose should be reduced and treatment conducted more rarely.

EndWarts PEN is also indicated for diabetics as well as for pregnant and lactating women.

The pen can be used for the simultaneous treatment of multiple warts. In clinical studies, the active ingredient in EndWarts PEN, formic acid, has been shown to be extremely effective in treating warts. 9 out of 101 warts disappear on average after 4-5 treatments.

How to use

Remove the protective cap.

Gently press the tip of the pen on the wart for one second and repeat the procedure one more time.

Finished! Apply the medicine regularly only once a week, until the wart has completely disappeared.

Since the solution contained in EndWarts PEN penetrates directly into the wart, you can wear socks or go swimming immediately after application. The solution leaves no traces on the skin.

Keep EndWarts PEN out of the reach of children!