Rs. 3,000.00Rs. 4,080.00


  • Arm circumference 16-24cm/31-45cm/Adults
  • Latex and metal free
  • Wipe clean fabric
  • Compatible with UA-1020

This small blood pressure monitor cuff is designed for use on arms. It is made from durable, lightweight polyvinylchloride (PVC), which means that the cuff can be easily wiped clean using warm water and a neutral detergent (such as washing up liquid). It is comfortable and easy to fit without the help of a second person, meaning that it helps to make the process as stress free as possible.

The A&D small blood pressure monitor cuff is designed for use with the UA-1020 and UA-1020-W A&D Medical blood pressure monitors.

Please be aware that if a cuff is used on a non-compatible blood pressure monitor, or if the wrong cuff size is used, A&D Medical cannot guarantee that the readings you obtain will be correct. Blood pressure is widely recognized as one of the key health indicators.

Using an A&D blood pressure monitor with the correct sized cuff is a simple way of monitoring your health and picking up early warning signs of such potential issues as strokes, heart disease and heart attacks.